Appearance: Gray powder.

Composition: Cement, selected inert, resins, additives

Granulometry: 0.7 mm

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags in pallets with 1350 kg

Application and base temperature: + 5 ° C / + 35 ° C

Thickness: From 1 to 10 mm / hand, for flooring the minimum layer to apply is 3 mm.

Preparation water: 24%

Working time: 40 minutes

Compressive strength: 30 N / mm2

Tensile strength: 6 N / mm2

Consumption: 1.6 (kg / m²) / mm thickness

Fire Reaction: Class A1 (EN 13501)

Waiting time for flooring,linoleum, plastics and rubber: Approximately 7 days later and the moisture content of the basement should be <2%.

Violated after:> 12 hours

Tile waiting time:> Min 48 hours

Gray powder based cement self-leveling, consisting of fast-drying hydraulic connectors, selected inert and granulometers as well as special organic additives. For outdoor and indoor environments. Classified to EN13813 Class CT C30 F6. The product is characterized by very good leveling properties, light workability and high adhesion to the base, resistant to compression and corrosion. It offers high mechanical strength. Workable by hand and by machinery.




Self-leveling for 0-15 mm layers, for new and existing plates. Suitable for any subsequent floor type. For outdoor and indoor environments, as well as for buildings with limited tractor.




Recommended for cement-based, slab-based floors, concrete and slab. Ensure that the plinth is clean, free of dust, armor oils or any other substance that affects the reduction of adhesion. Treat the plinth thoroughly with the appropriate Dekoll primer.




Mix a 25kg DKOFLOOR bag with 6 liters of water with a low throughput electric mixer until you reach a homogeneous, grain-free mass. Leave the mass to cool for 2-3 minutes and then mix a little before applying.

Apply the product with a single hand of 1-10 mm (minimum of 3 mm when laying parquet), with stainless steel or rubber. The product can also be applied with a plaster pump. The working time of the product is 1 hour. Use the barbed roller to eliminate air from the product. Thanks to its self-leveling ability, DEKOFLOOR directly eliminates minor irregularities. It is also very important to check the moisture content with an electric hygrometer, keeping in mind that the latter only gives indicative values.