The Dekoll thermal insulation system offers convenience in your homes and energy saving. Provides a warm environment in winter and a cool environment in summer.

Apply adhesive all over the perimeter of the styrofoam plate and three points in the center or over the entire insulating plate with the toothed product.

It is then glued to brick plates, concrete, filler plaster etc, applying a little pressure on the tile. Ensure that the entire plate is fully glued. Before leveling the surface with the adhesive or dampener, place the pins 5-6 pins / m2.

Apply the screed product on the insulation board to a thickness of 3 mm. In the cool state, the reinforcing mesh is inserted and covered with metal goods adhesive. It is necessary to apply reinforcing mesh twice at the corners or joints of doors or windows. The optimum operating temperatures are from 5 ° C to 35 ° C. For later coatings it is important that the plinth reaches maturity in drying about 5-7 days depending on weather conditions.

Once the maturity has been reached, the application of a liquid liner for decorative coating (Grafiato) is applied. Initially the primer is diluted with about 5% -10% water. Then brush the base with a brush or roller. After 12-24 hours application of decorative coating Grafiatos, to the desired granulometry.

  1. Brick plinth
  3. Styrofoam
  4. ECOLINER / BONDEX (first layer)
  5. Fiberglass networks
  6. ECOLINER / BONDEX (second layer)