Dekoll ltd is a new company recently built, whose activity consists in the production of construction materials like: tile adhesives, mortars, hydro isolating materials, primer, fillers, decorative coatings, auto leveler, plasters and paints.

Most modern plant in Albania thanks to the latest Italian production technology applied. Dekoll ltd is an investment of Brunes ltd, the biggest and most prestigious distributor of tiles and furniture, with more than 20 years of experience in the Albanian market, which occupies 30% Share of Market in tiles distribution sector. It has a network of 8 stores located throughout the country.

Dekoll ltd with a production capacity in the field of dry materials of 30 ton / hour, and a total area of 12.000 m2, aims to become the leading company in the production of construction materials pre-prepared in the Albanian market, fulfilling the needs of customers and partners with a wide range of quality products. Dekoll aims to expand into international markets, by exporting “Made in Albania” products, with European standards.

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