Warm in winter and cool in summer, this is why we should opt for thermal insulation

Often the thermal insulation of a home is considered as an overspend, something that requires a lot of investment or is a luxury. This conviction remains unfounded in fact and is almost a myth that precludes a safe alternative, a modern, healthy and extremely comfortable lifestyle. In fact, home thermal insulation is a primary need for everyone to create an ideal climate within the walls of the home, with comfortable and constant temperatures. all because they are the most effective way to make your home environment more immune to the weather outside. During periods of extreme temperatures, such as summer and winter, there is a need to cool or heat the homes, using massively air conditioners, electric heaters, gas and other methods. This situation in most cases translates into high costs.

Every year we consume too much energy, damage the ecosystem and burden the family budget. In the long run, these costs can be reduced perfectly thanks to the application of a quality thermal insulation system.3 Reasons to Choose Thermal Insulation SystemsSaving the Environment – If we insulate our homes thermally we can also contribute to reducing the emissions of harmful substances into the air. This insulation system significantly reduces the consumption and burning of fuel generated from fossil fuels. With thermal insulation systems, no doubt, we become concrete factors in saving the planet.Economic Advantage – An insulated property home suffers thermal loss in minimal doses and consequently the energy or gas bill will be much lower than in cases the other. So in short, we will be less obliged to use the air conditioner, wood-fired heating or gas plant, because the environment keeps the temperature for a much longer time than usual. Home energy consumption can be reduced to 70-80% by simply insulating the walls with a thermal insulation system. Investing in thermal insulation of your home is almost like putting a good chunk of family funds into a virtual bank, which in the long run rewards you with high profit rates. With the progressive rise in the price of electricity and hydrocarbons, a less consuming home is the guarantee that we all want a future with more economic security. comfortable. A thermally insulated home allows us to keep our indoor temperature stable, with homogeneous diffusion and at levels that suit us most. Stable and within-temperature temperatures create an ideal climate in all home environments, as they do not allow outside atmospheric conditions to penetrate the interior and affect health. Thermal insulation systems also hinder the appearance of extremely harmful phenomena to the human body, such as moisture or mold. and modern has been possible for years in our country as well. Dekoll is the most experienced company in Albania in the field of thermal insulation of housing. This company has chosen to provide Albanian households with one of the most advanced thermal insulation systems, the so-called “capot system”. The “capot system” takes advantage of the latest technological innovations in home insulation, which Dekoll knows to provide with an unmatched quality, not only by assembling them with perfection and professionalism, but also by producing the raw materials themselves. Dekoll offers a complete thermal insulation system, ranging from the raw materials needed and to the use of more advanced techniques. Practically all that is needed to achieve a more satisfying and lasting result. The capot system products are manufactured by Italian experts at the Dekoll factory, which is the most technologically advanced in the entire Balkans. The capot system is easily applicable (by professionals) and is a revolutionary method that overlaps thermal insulation panels on existing home walls. With this system you will not need to damage the walls or set up a work yard. In addition, the “capot system” behind the appliance protects the exterior walls of the home and extends longevity. Correctly mounting the “capot system” becomes a guarantee of sustainability, as in the long term thermal insulation eliminates the occurrence of cracks or various damage, which are the main causes of degradation of the facades of buildings. 7 layers various, which do not drastically increase the wall thickness and preserve the elegance of the façade.Capot system structure: 1. Brick plinth2. Bondex / Stirobond (Styrofoam coating adhesive) 3. Polisteroli4. Ecoliner (leveler and leveler) / Bondex (adhesive and leveler for thermal insulation boards) 5. Fiberglass networks6. Ecoliner / Bondex (second layer) 7. Astar Grafiato8. GrafiatoDekoll offers assistance during and after the installation of the thermal insulation system, including the price. This price is very affordable and is justified by the maximum quality of products and service. Thanks to Dekoll’s commitment to meeting customer needs and delivering products that meet the standards, the company is certified with ISO 9001: 2008. Dekoll is also certified by the Green Building Council for its serious commitment to protecting the environment as well as providing eco-building products.


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