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Clean the support surface

All types of cement-based supports should be cleaned before applying the cough product. The support may contain impurities such as; oils, powders, or various residues that adversely affect the adhesive strength of the product. Cleaning can be done mechanically. Before applying the product, the surface of the support should be sprayed with water in order for the product to achieve a better adhesion and to have an optimal working life.

Apply tile adhesive

Initially, the product is recommended to be coated with the straight part of the product to have a uniform distribution and then with the notched part. The application is made with a suitable adhesive depending on the type of tile being laid. NOTE! For tile formats larger than 900 cm2 apply double cushioning on the tile and base. Tile laying is done by exerting a slight pressure on the tile making sure that the tile is covered over the entire surface with sticks. Consumption varies depending on the type of platter and the type of plinth.

Filling the joints

The joints to be coated must be clean, free of tile or mortar in all thicknesses. Application on wet bases is not recommended. Mix the powdered paint product in a clean container with an electric mixer until you reach a homogeneous, grain-free mass. It should be borne in mind that the mixed material for the grouting of the joints on the floor becomes more watertight than for the grouting on the walls. Apply the product to the joints with a rubber spatula or spatula machine. After 20 min when the product has become stable, clean the remainder with a sponge transversely with the direction of the joints.