Appearance: Powder
Packing: 25 kg paper bag
Color: White, Gray
Consumption: 2.5-5 kg ​​/ m2
Storage: Store in a dry place on wooden pallets
Storage time: 12 months from the date of manufacture
Volumetric mass: 1.8 gr / cm3 Flammability: Non-combustible
Water for mixing: 6-7 liters of water per 25 kg
pH of the mixture: 12
Application temperature: + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C
Correction time: 35-40 min
Filling the joints in the walls: After 8 to 12 hours
Filling the joints in the floor: After 24 hours
Deformability: Not deformable
Violent: After 24 hours
Compressive strength: > 12 N / mm2
Adhesive strength in concrete: > 1 N / mm²
Adhesive strength after 28 days (normal conditions): ≥ 1 N / mm²
Adhesive force after immersion in water: ≥ 1 N / mm²
Adhesive strength after reaction from heat: ≥ 1.5 N / mm²
Adhesive strength after freeze-thaw cycles: ≥ 1 N / mm²

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Tile adhesive, cement based product (C), with very high flexibility (S1), improved adhesive strength (2), resistant to slipping (T) and long workability time (E). It is applied for layers with a thickness up to 15 mm. Classified as C2TES1 adhesive according to standard EN 12004. Specifications: Cement based adhesive, composed of high quality carbonate and marble sands with a selected granulometry, synthetic resins and specific additives. This high technology in the granulometric distribution and its special components, give to this product excellent features in flexibility and workability, which makes this adhesive ideal for adhesion of the marble tiles, natural stone, granite, mosaic etc.

Specification: Cement-based adhesive, I composed of high quality marble sand with selected granulometry, synthetic resin and special modified additives. The advanced technology in the distribution of granulometry and special helper gives the product excellent quality in flexibility and workability, which makes this adhesive ideal for gluing marble tiles, natural stone, granite, mosaics.


Marble, stone tiles, mosaics, tiles with high density in cement-based substrates, for floors and walls, in outdoor and indoor environments that have a high presence of moisture. I am suitable for facades, terraces, for the environment with resistance heating, for environments that are part of vibrations, continuous presses, under the colors of the tiles on the tiles (in this case the tiles should not be possible and immovable) , for industrial environments, for valuable and unstable supports (this is a result of high elasticity and deformability).


Mix 6-7 liters of clean water with 25 kg of ADESIFLEX, to produce a better energy-forming device a homogeneous and grain-free mass. Leave to rest for 10 minutes and then stir forward before use. The working time of the mixture is 2-3 hours at normal temperature conditions (20 ° C). have reached maturity time in advance. Approximately traditional cement-based floors with normal curing time should have a curing time of at least 28 days, traditional plaster bases should dry for at least 14 days. The misalignments do or their quarters need to be adjusted in advance. All types and supports must be pre-cleaned to apply the products mechanically. Before applying the product, the support surface must be wetted in order for the product to create a better adhesion with it.




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