Component A (powder)

Component B (fluid)

Packaging: 2kg Bag and Bidon 200g packed in buckets

2 kg.

Storage: Store in dry areas over

wooden pallets.

Storage Time: 12 months from date of manufacture.

PH: 12

Closing the joints on the floor after applying the adhesive: 24 hours

Sealing joints on walls after applying adhesive: 8-12 hours

Working time: 1 hour

Joint cleaning: After 20 min

Breaking: After 24 hours

Volume: 1.5 gr / cm 3

Resistant to: Acids, bases and salts.

Application temperature: +5 0 C to +35 0 C.

Resistance to printing in 28 days under conditions normal: ≥ 15 N / mm 2

Bow resistance in 28 days in conditions normal: ≥ 2 N / mm 2

Thermal resistance: – 30 ° C / + 80 ° C


Component A (2 Kg) consists of cement-based powder material, selective granulometry marble sand, synthetic resins and hydrophobic agents. Component B (200 g) consists of acrylic resins. gives the final product the highest flexibility, improved resistance and maximum protection against corrosive agents and detergents. Suitable for filling joints from 0-8 mm. Classified as CG2WA product according to EN 13888 standard.




ULTRAFUGA 2+ is used for laying all types of tiles, for walls and floors, for outdoor and indoor environments. Recommended for closing joints in vibrating environments, with central heating, terraces and swimming pools




The joints to be laid must be clean, free of tile adhesive or mortar in all thickness. Application on wet bases is not recommended.

The filling of the joints in the walls is accomplished from 8-12 hours, while the filling of the joints in the floor is realized after 24 hours

First mix component B (200 g) with 400-500 ml of water, add to this mixture the content of component A (2 kg). Mix with an electric mixer until you reach a homogeneous mass without the grain.

Apply the product in joints with a rubber spatula or spatula machine. After 20 min when the product has become stable, clean the remainder with a sponge transversely with the direction of the joints.