Liquid Grafiato

Appearance: Liquid
Color: White
Drying time: 24-48 hours depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment.
Flammability: Non-combustible
Moisture resistance: Good
Mixing pH: 8 – 9
Application temperature: +8 0 C to +30 0 C and relative humidity lower than 80%.
Density: 1.8-1.9 ± 0.05kg / lt
Adhesive strength: 0.4 MPa
Water absorption: category W3 (low)
Vapor permeability: V3 (low)
Durability: 0.8 MPa (high)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.93 W / mK
Packing: In plastic buckets 25 kg
Protection: 18 months in original packaging and in a cool place.
Storage: Store in a place protected from sun exposure. Protect from frost.



Decorative coatings for the use of exterior facades. It is an environmentally friendly product
tested manufactured on the basis of HTT technology that enables wall ventilation and prevention of
mold. This product does not allow cracks and does not allow impurities to unify with it, so
manages to cleanse itself very easily.

GRAFIATO DEKOLL is characterized by the following qualities:
– Allows wall permeability to vapors.
– Forms a stable structure.
– Closes cracks in cement-lime-based plasters.
– Forms a beautiful structure and protection against atmospheric agents.
– It is characterized by a very good workability and openness.
– Characterized by a long working time (does not dry out).
– Easy to apply product.


Suitable for creating decorative clothing of quite good quality
waterproofing, adhesive and elastic. Used to create decorative coatings on the surface of
filled with cement mortar and basic thermal insulation mortar.


The support where GRAFIATO will be applied in advance must be cleaned of
powders as well as residues of oil, oils, varnishes, waxes and adhesives. Cleaning i
oils, varnishes, waxes or adhesives are made mechanically or manually.
Before applying GRAFIATOS the support should be leveled and leveled with Ecoliner or Bondex e
then painted with Astar Grafiato Dekoll. The supports must be flat and mechanically stable.


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