Appearance: Powder
Packaging: 15kg paper bag in pallets of 1080 kg
Color: White
Colour: <0.1mm
Volume volume: 1300 kg / m3
Volume: 1600 kg / m3
Storage: Store in a dry place on wooden pallets, 12 months from date of production
Mixing water: 5-5.5 liters / sacks
Application templates: From 5 ° C to 35 ° C
Application thickness: 3mm
Consumption: 1.3 -1.5 kg / m2 / mm
Apply coatings: Two hands Second hand waiting time: 2 h
Pressure Resistance (28 days):> ≥ 1.6N / mm2
Flex Resistance (28 days):> ≥ 0.8 N / mm2
Water Absorption:> WOP
Category Vessel Conductivity (µ): ≥5 / 20
Thermal Conductivity (λ10, Dry) :> 0.35
Fire Reaction: Class A1

White cement based skating rink consisting of hydrated lime, high quality sand, special synthetic resins and specific additives. It is characterized by excellent workmanship, very good opening both in vertical and horizontal surfaces. Application up to 3mm thick. After scratching with emery paper gives a smooth finish. Skating putty should be applied at a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C.

Preparation of the base

The base should be clean without dust, oils, paints or residues which impede the bonding between the layers. The support is mechanically or manually cleaned. If the support has large defects then it should be leveled.

Mix 5-5.5l of water with a 15 kg bag of electric mixer product with a small number of turns until a homogeneous, grain-free mass is achieved. Leave the product at rest for 5 minutes and mix again before use. Apply the product with a stainless steel mortar and level it to a thickness of 3mm. Atmospheric conditions affect the drying time of the product.