Appearance: Powder

Packing: 25 kg

Color: White

Grain: ≤ 0.7mm

Storage: Store in a dry place on wooden pallets

Storage Time: 12 months from date of production

Capacity: 1300 kg / m3

Mixing water: 7-7.5 liters / sack

Application temperature: From 5 ° C to 35 ° C

Application thickness: 1-2 mm / hand

Method of application: 2 coats

Consumption: 3.7 kg / m2 for 3mm thickness

Application of paint: ≈ 20 days

Compression resistance:> 2.5 N / mm2

Tensile strength:> 1.1 N / mm2

Fire Reaction:> Class A1

Water Absorption: ≥ Category W0

Cement-based adhesive, consisting in a high quality marble sand with selected granulometry, synthetic resins and modified specialty additives. Advanced technology in granulometric dispersion and special ingredients give the product excellent quality in flexibility and workability, making this adhesive ideal for adhesion of marble, natural stone, granite, mosaics.




Very suitable for adhesion of marble slabs, stone slabs, mosaics, high spice slabs on cement-based supports, for floors and walls, indoors and outdoors where there is a high moisture content. Recommended for facades, terraces, central heating environments, environments that are part of vibrations, continuous printing, also for tile adhesion (in this case the tiles must be durable and non-slip), for environments industrial, for corrugated and unstable supports (this is due to high elasticity and deformation).



Mix 6-7 liters of pure water with 25 kg of ADESIFLEX, mix the mass created with an electric mixer until a homogeneous, grain-free mass is formed. Leave to rest for 10 minutes and then mix again before use. The workability of the mixture is 2-3 hours under normal temperature conditions (20 ° C).




Initially the product is recommended to be coated with the right part of the product to have a uniform distribution and then with the toothed part. The application is made with a suitable screed depending on the type of tile being laid. Tile laying is done by exerting a slight pressure on the tile making sure the tile is covered throughout the cough surface. The opening time of the product under normal atmospheric conditions is 35 minutes for temperatures of 23 ° C. Atmospheric conditions can affect the drying time of the product. Be careful that the glue does not form a film surface. Otherwise it is necessary to pass the cough goods once again. It is not advisable to place the tiles with kissing joints. The tiles are placed in such a way that they are appropriate to their dimensions. At the joint surfaces with vertical walls a distance of 5 mm should be left.