Silicone Grafiato

Apparence: Paste

Color: White

Storage: Store in places protected from sunlight and frost, for at least 12 months after production date in original packaging in a dry place

Combustibility: Incombustible

Resistance to moisture: Good

pH of the mixture: 9

Application temperature: + 50C to + 350C

Density: 1.85 kg / liter

Resistance to compressive strength: ≥ 10 N / mm2

Flexural: ≥ 5.0 N / mm2

Adhesive ability: ≥ 1.0 N / mm2

Packing: In plastic buckets 25 kg




GRAFIATO  SILIKONI is a superior quality silicone acrylic finishing plaster, with hydrophobic capillary effect, highly weather-resistant and water-repellent with great water vapor permeability. So, it prevents microbial growth. It provides resistance to ultraviolet light (UV), heat and oxidative degeneration. It has excellent adhesion, durability and flexibility. It is resistant to sunlight, the formation of mold, algae and fungi.

Application Field

Grafiato Silikoni is used externally as a render (top coat) in the place of traditional marble based renders, and internally as a decorative coat. It is applied on walls and ceilings, made from various construction materials such as plaster and concrete, drywall, cement boards etc. It is ideal as a topcoat for external insulation systems for buildings.


Before use, mix the product well with a low rpm mixer. Confirm the quality of the substrate’s flat surface, correct if necessary, and apply the material with a smooth stainless steel or plastic trowel. Following, ‘even’ out the material to the maximum grain thickness by ‘pressing’, with round, circular motions using a plastic float for renders, depending on the desired aesthetic effect. The working time to smooth the material depends on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient temperature, after the material sets and before it completely dries, between 10 to 20 minutes.