Silicone Gratex


Apparence: Pasty

Color: White

Drying time: 24 – 48 hours depending on room temperature and humidity.

Flammability: Non-flammable

Moisture resistance: Good

Mixing pH: 8-9

Application temperature: + 50C to +3 relative lower than 80%. Drying time depends on weather conditions (temperature and humidity).

Density: 1.85 ± 0.05 kg / l

Packaging: In plastic buckets 25 kg

Safety: 24 months in original packaging and in a cool place.

Storage: Store in places protected from sun exposure. Protect from frost.

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Finished decorative acrylic coating for use on exterior facades but also interior surfaces. This product forms a stable structure, resistant to atmospheric conditions such as sunlight and mold formation because it allows vapor permeability. It is a simple product to apply, with very good extension and adhesion.


The support where GRATEX SILICONE will be applied must be previously cleaned of dust as well as residues of oil, wax and adhesives. The cleaning of the above is done manually. The supports must be flat and mechanically stable. Before applying this product, the support should be flattened and leveled with Ecoliner or Bondex and then painted with Astar Grafiato.


The product is mixed until a homogeneous and easily applicable mass is formed. Mixing can be done with a slow-moving electric mixer. Care should be taken that the mixture is completely free of residues of various pigments to avoid any change in the product formed. The application of the product is done manually through a malle and is worked in horizontal, vertical or circular direction depending on the aesthetic effect you want to achieve. Ready to apply in paste form, white or colored. Available in various granulometries.


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