Form: Powder
Packaging: Plastic packaging 2 kg in boxes of 16 kg on pallets of 576 kg (36 boxes) and 5 kg
in boxes of 20 kg on pallets of 720 kg (36 boxes)
Color: Available in 26 colors
Water for mixture: 1.2-1.6 liters of water for 5 kg
Storage: Store in a dry place on wooden pallets.
Storage time: 12 months from the manufacture date
pH of the mixture: 13
Grouting on the wall after application of adhesive: 4-8 hours.
Grouting on the floor after application of adhesive: After 24 hours
Workability time:2 hours
Cleaning of joints: After 20 min
Density: :1.4 gr/cm3
Set to light foot traffic: After 24 hours
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Resistance on temperatures: -30°C to +80°C
Compression strength in 28 days:15 N/mm2
Compression strength after cycles of freeze /thaw:15 N/mm2
Flexural strength in 28 days: ≥ 2.7 N/mm2
Water absorption after 30 minutes: ≤ 2 g
Water absorption after 240 minutes: ≤ 5 g
Withdrawal: ≤ 3 mm

Cement based fine grout used to close joints, with high elasticity, composed of high quality marble sand with
selected granulometry, high content of synthetic resins and hydrophobic
agents. It provides high resistance to humidity and abrasion. Suitable for filling joints from 2-15mm. Classified
as a CG2 product based on the standard EN 13888. It is characterized by a very good workability, very
easy in cleaning, good adhesion, high resistance of sunlight , and atmospheric agents, has the ability to maintain color, resistant to corrosive agents, various acids and bases. Available in 26 different colors.


ULTRAFUGA FF is used for plastering ceramic tiles, Gres porcelain, mosaic tiles for external and internal use.
Recommended for closing the joints in environments where there are vibrations, in room central heating, terraces and pools. Not recommended for filling the joints with width greater than allowed.


Mix 1.2-1.6 liter of water with a bag of 5 kg of powder product in a clean container with an electric mixer until
you reach a homogenous mass and without grains. Consider that the mixed material for the joints in the floor has to be more liquid than for joints in walls.

Grouts that will be used have to be clean, free of adhesive or mortar in all its thickness. Not recommended
application on wet supports.

Apply the product on the joints with a rubber spatula or with spatula
machinery. After 20 minutes when the product is sustainable, it is made the cleaning of the remaining parts with
a sponge in a transverse way with the direction of joints