Social responsibility in our business means taking personal responsibility for the actions and impact that business has on society, helping to meet people’s needs and is a contribution to the development of natural resources and human capital, in addition to focusing not only on profit. The ethical spirit that characterizes us for being responsible to society, which is characterized by being voluntary, not coercive, unlike legal responsibilities, and linked to everyone’s involvement in the help they can provide in the community, not only material but even with the moral support we can offer in terms of ensuring a sustainable environment, equality, people support and environmental protection.

Social responsibility for us is the obligation of an organization to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on society.

Dekoll views social responsibility in two respects: – human responsibility and – environmental responsibility.

– Human responsibility refers to our responsibility to the various parts related to it, known in the business language as “actors”. These parts include employees, shareholders, government, consumers, investors, suppliers, competitors and society at large.

– Environmental responsibility refers to our responsibility in protecting the environment. Dekoll has long been committed to supporting civil initiatives to protect the environment and a healthier environment.

In our business philosophy, Dekoll is guided by a fair balance between economic competition and social development. Social Responsibility is well integrated into our company’s strategies and policies, aiming at creating value for the company, employees and society at large. The technology selected for production maximally meets the standards and directives of the European Community. Since conception, Dekoll has shown a full commitment to protecting the environment by carefully managing and effectively managing solid waste as well as using recycled products and packaging in its workflow, office and beyond. We intend for this policy to be further enriched with other environmentally friendly elements in the daily operations of the company.

Two components through which our performance focuses on are:

  • Contribution to the economic development of the country
  • Employment opportunities
  • Providing a sustainable environment
  • People support and environmental protection

Both of these components are related to the community where each firm is participating. But they are not the only ones, it’s also included, attitude towards customers, the opportunity to provide equal work, employment practices and not last by importance, environmental protection.

Dekoll is responsible for the effects of his actions, both internal and external. It is important for us to show that we are close to the Albanians, not only through the products and services we provide for them, but also through active participation in solving some of the problems, in line with the company’s values ​​and Dekoll’s guiding philosophy.

In other words, it is “the concept that Dekoll actively deals with the well-being of society as a whole”.