About Us

About Us


Dekoll Company has its beginnings in 2015, an investment by Brunes LLC. Dekoll is the most modern factory in the Balkans thanks to the latest Italian production technology, it has achieved great success, being appreciated not only by customers but also by the community. Dekoll's activity consists in the production of building materials such as starch, graphiato, grout, auto leveling, filling plaster, waterproofing and thermal insulation.

Dekolli was awarded 5 stars by the Prime Minister of Albania and won the "Best Entrepreneur in the Industry" by the Golden Bee 2015 ". Modern technology, product quality, environmental care and protection, employee safety and meeting customer requirements are attested by the certifications and standards Dekoll currently holds. For 4 years in the market, Dekoll has expanded its reach across the Balkans even further.

Pinto Color

Maintaining Dekoll product quality standards, the Pinto product line has the same success and achievement as Dekoll. Pinto is the most modern factory in the production of paints, designed to raise the standard of construction quality, combining innovative technology, product quality and professionalism. In this way we improve our lifestyle by guaranteeing safe, comfortable and long lasting paint. The Italian manufacturing experience is what provides us with a competitive edge by allowing us to offer paints with unique features and unmatched performance. Each product is designed to perform and deliver specific benefits.


Termax LLCĀ  is the youngest and most modern company in the Balkans with the latest Italian production technology according to European standards. Its activity consists in the production of EPS (styrofoam) insulation materials such as: suitable material for installation on ceilings, walls, roofs, floors as in residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, refrigerated rooms etc.

Termax LLC is an investment of Dekoll LLC:

Termax LLC aims to become the leading company in the production of styrofoam materials in the Albanian market, meeting the needs of its clients and partners with a wide range of quality products. Emphasizing the market research and the needs of its clients, we have designed and produced innovative and quality products which in a short period are already a leader in the Albanian and Balkan markets.